I’m Re-Launching My Page

Thanks for visiting! First things first, here’s my resume.

And here’s where to find me around the web:


I’m doing a ground-up redesign for this site since that’s the kind of thing I like to do in my spare time.

As it turns out, once you exhaust the Amazon Web Services Free Tier for hosting they are no longer a good deal. A nice $12 bill for EC2 hosting landed in my inbox the other day as a reminder that my freeloading status has expired.

This has turned into a new adventure where I will be hand-coding the entirety of my website, but first I have to learn JQuery and some other client-side skills so I can be a better web ninja. New site ETA: 8/8/2014.

Adventures, Beer, Bikes, Movies & TV, Pizza, Stand-Up, and Work.